A Trinidad & Tobago Company providing individualized IT Services Create/Modify Custom or Tailor-made Databases, Web Programming, Executive Training, IT Planning and Consulting.

Organizational Support Services

Invest in the future success of your company!

There are challenges in every organization that are costing money and resources. If your organisation could save money each month which would add up in the annual budget just by making a relatively small changes...
would you?

Customized Software/ Databases

Tailored for your specific business needs

Start with the core-essentials for your business and add features and functions later with solutions tailored for your business needs. Solutions are developed using software languages and platforms to match your business needs.

A database/application is a program designed to manage your information better hence it falls under IT or Information Tecnology. Relational databases, the type of database we make and the industry standard, work better than just having many files and folders because they organise information in special ways to make handling information several times less complicated.

Executive Training

Personalized Training

We provide personalized trainging for your managment team in software use and managment as well as basic computer skills.

Web Programming

Coding for Web Development

Programming: VBA, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET
Database development: SQL Server, MS Access,
Oracle Apex , Networking

The Scheduler

Schedule emails and text messaages

This tool can be used to schedule emails and text messages to your clients
Examples include:
Medical reminders for preventative checkups
Dental reminders for preventative care
Company greetings to clients

The Tracker

Accuracy and Efficiency

This tool allows you to track time spent on various projects and tasks
and easily qualify them by week, year or project

Text Communication

Fast links to your marketing collateral

Customers can text your business or institution at a number you promote
and instantly receive information about you, links to your website,
video marketing etc. and their messages are stored online for authorized employes to view and follow up.




Make your company more efficient with customized searchable solutions.

“We've used the reporting solution Scott and Associates made to order for us since 2012 without a hitch."

“Scott and Associates took me from a computer novice to a competent user. Based on my requirements they developed custom IT solutions I've been using for years. They've simplified my business a great deal.

“Scott and Associates created a system that did everything we asked and now our clients are even automatically notified by text message on the day their payment balance is due.