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What do we do?
Create/Modify Custom or Tailor-made Databases (see below), Web Programming, Executive Training, IT Planning and Consulting.

If it's information and especially if it's important it should be on a computer and in a database. This is because computers are faster than people which makes finding, editing and summarizing among other things cheaper, quicker and more convenient.

A database or an application … whatever you would like to call it is a program designed to manage your information better hence it falls under IT or Information Tecnology. Relational databases, the type of database we make and the industry standard, work better than just having a bunch of files and folders because they organise information in special ways developed by a scientist Edgar F. Codd in 1970 to make handling information several times less complicated.

Every aspect of using your information is improved by using a relational database and better yet a customized one that is tailor made for what you need. That's what we do. We make your information better by creating a database and if you'd like entering the information.

from paper to pc

Databases or applications aren't just for your accounting. They're for everything! To keep track of meetings/goals/results, people, places, things. If you can think of it, database technology can manage it better.

Portfolio of Applications/Databases

The link below will take you to screenshots of a number of tailor-made databases which were created or modified significantly by our chief developer. The programs were for the Ministry of Agriculture Trinidad and Tobago, Barry University of Miami, a non-profit in Miami and several other companies and instituitions in Trinidad and Tobago.

Programs for the Ministry of Agriculture include

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